These are some queries we often have to respond to but do not hesitate to email or call us if you have further questions:

Can we cook or is food provided?

We provide healthy home cooked meals with both veg/non-veg options, cooked on-site. If guests wish to use the kitchen then please check with us first and we will certainly try and accommodate if the kitchen is not busy. During high season this can be difficult. Tea/Coffee facilities are provided in each house.

Where are meals served; are there fixed timings?

Meals are served in the large common dining room at the estate house (a great way to meet people). There are fixed timings and meals outside of these timings should be discussed in advance (we are happy to accommodate whenever we can). There is no room service but we are delighted to help if people have specific needs.

We have a large family, can we stay together?

Some of our rooms can accommodate up to two extra beds, however we have a special family/friends room in the pepper house which has an additional loft bedroom, comfortably sleeping up to four adults or a family of five. Please see details about accessibility below.

Is it accessible for elderly people and young children?

O’Land is a rugged, beautiful place in the wilderness and people with mobility challenges may struggle at O’Land. Those who are not comfortable walking on uneven or sometimes slippery surfaces might find it difficult to move around. We recommend speaking to the booking manager before booking a visit with elderly people or young children.

I have a special diet, what can you do for me?

Since meals are cooked onsite and in small quantities, we can try and accommodate requests that are put in advance.

Is there internet?

O’Land is a place for digital detoxing, true relaxation, and being one with nature. There is no internet available for guests. Please do not book a stay if you are expecting constant internet, as you will be disappointed. If you have a Reliance or Airtel SIM / wireless card, this may work in various areas (though because of the wilderness, we have to warn you the connection is slow).

Is there cable tv/ can I bring my own DVD’s?

All houses either have in-room or shared living room access to Cable TV and a DVD player. You are welcome to bring your own DVDs/ Music to play

How strenuous are the walks? Are they suitable for all ages?

There are some motorable roads around the property and if you stick to these, most fitness levels can manage the walks. You can select the length of your walk as there are many route options. During the monsoon, some of the areas can get slippery, and we suggest you enjoy the rains from your balcony in any case. For the more adventurous, longer jungle treks can be organised (please book these in advance).

Do you take group bookings and how many can you accommodate?

We do take group bookings and can accommodate up to 18 people if sharing. We have a room that can be used as a meeting room for 12-14 people, for those looking for a perfect corporate retreat.

Are the wild animals dangerous?

Elephants, bear and even bison (Nilgiri Gaur) can get aggressive if surprised or provoked. It is important you follow estate rules (see Estate Rules section)

Will I definitely see elephants and other wild animals?

If these animals were predictable, they wouldn’t be considered wild. Chance of sightings vary depending on the season so do email us if there is a particular animal you are very keen on seeing. Bison, deer and a lot of bird-life is visible year round.

Do waterfalls run all year round?

The major waterfall runs strongly for 6 months and starts to slow after that, almost drying up till the next monsoon hits. Our second waterfall runs all year around but is only strong for 6-9 months of the year depending on the rain that year. Stream water forms natural bathing holes around the property and these can be enjoyed almost all year round.

Special Instructions!

As the monsoon has been a failure, the usage of bathtub depends on the rains

About Food Serve

For breakfast, eggs & toast with butter and jam is served along with a South Indian preparation.. For Lunch/Dinner there are two vegetarian dishes and one non vegetarian dish with rice and chapatis. All meals are served in the dining room at the Estate House. The distance from the Hornbill House to the Estate House(dining hall) is 300 mts and from the Pepper House to the Estate House(dining hall) it is 75 mts.