Our Green Credentials

Eco-Friendly Construction

The guesthouses at O’land Plantation have been designed keeping in mind the local topography and with maximum use of eco-friendly materials. We reduced the carbon footprint of building by using local stone, and bricks were made out of soil from the plantation using a ‘pressed earth’ technique. These sun-baked, compressed earth bricks, used to build all our three guesthouse, are more sturdy than conventional kiln-baked bricks and have a fraction of their environmental footprint.

Green Fuel

O’land Plantation uses a biomass converter to heat water at the resort, making good use of the dried leaves and other bio-waste on the estate. Solar panels on the roof provide electricity for lighting.

Organic Certification from Swiss Institute

We have organic certification from IMO, the Institute of Marketecology (Switzerland) for the crops grown on O’land Plantation. By using local labour rather than machines and organic fertilizers and pesticides rather than nasty chemicals, we support the local community and keep O’land the way nature intended it to be.